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Wondershare PDF Converter ProUn Convertisseur PDF Abordable Répondant à des Exigences de Qualité

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Wondershare PDFelement Find out what people are saying about Wondershare PDF Converter Pro for Windows and tell us what you think.

Wonderful converter

The program performs so well that i am so curious how you made it. Or you have grasped the encoding of pdf?

by Something|2020-05-19 11:15:28

Good tool

This program is very effective way to convert huge PDF to friendly PowerPoint workflow. If you have big science presentation you need keep it up-to-date. PDF require expensive investigations for comfortable editing. Wondershare offer optimal and practical way.

by Dmitry|2020-05-19 11:13:41

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro Review

v.good converter

by meena|2020-05-19 11:13:41


Otimo programa!

by Soraia|2020-05-19 11:13:29


keep ii up!

by Edwin Rivera|2020-05-19 11:13:13

Good stuff

I''m very happy with this product. It helps me easily convert my PDF documents into Pages format. And the result is satisfying. High recommended.

by Sasha|2020-05-19 11:10:40


Great!! so good

by Kezia Silva|2020-05-19 11:10:38

Your product does not work, or at least not using the Epsen Print Scanner.

I have tried everything suggested from the support people plus a dozen things of my own and nothing will work to convert from the scanned pdf file to an editable Word File. The copy I get has words that are on the line, below the line and above the line...some are odd characters that don''t relate to words at all. In one format I receive each sentence has a line under it and sometimes many lines in-between. If that happens and you wish to bring the sentences up together two words join together and you cannot separate them. I would like to think this was a wonderful product but since I have to retype everything anyway, it has no value to me.

by Thomas Ault|2020-05-19 11:10:35

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro Review


by safaa|2020-05-19 11:10:02


i love my parents

by liban|2020-05-19 11:10:01


This is it folks! Download it and convert your PDF to anything you want! Save yourself the headache of formatting! It''s worth every penny!

by Cindy|2020-05-19 11:09:48



by amin|2020-05-19 11:09:42


There are a lot of PDF to Excel converters out there but none that I had tried for my project worked so quickly and accurately. You guys just saved me hours of work.

by Tad Boomer|2020-05-19 11:09:40


This is a great pdf converter I have ever used. Download it now.

by Dhurba Tripathi|2020-05-19 11:09:30

Best in the Marketplace

As a Corporate Risk Manager, I review all incoming contracts. I received 5-7 very long contracts that were locked and I could not even put an editing note into any of them. Then I found Wondershare Converter! I batch converted all of them, over 1,200 pages of locked up PDF files in under One Minute.....and with ZERO Hieroglyphic Characters or Square Boxes! The software is superior in everyway!

by Bobby Carl|2020-05-19 11:09:26

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